Locomotive Hire and Lease.

The SRHC has acquired and restored an extensive fleet of locomotives ranging from 900hp to 3300hp units.

All these units have been painstakingly maintained by our workforce and volunteer labour and are available for hire and lease at competitive rates for long and short term duration.

Locomotives are available for both broad and standard gauge duties and our workforce is able to provide maintenance and service for SRHC owned locomotives as well as all locomotives and rolling stock owned by Government and private operators.

We invite potential hiring parties to contact us and enquire about arrangements which can be tailored to suit specific needs. 

Locomotives that are  available for hire or lease.

 T 320.   875hp.     
 T 357. 875hp       T 342.   875hp. 
 T 378.  875hp.       
 T 382.  875hp.   
 S 303.  1800hp.     GM 36. 1800hp.
 B 74 . 1500hp.  
 X  31 .   1800hp.     C 501 .   3300hp.