About SRHC

How it all started. 

1983 – Present.

The Seymour Railway Heritage Centre was established in 1983 as the Seymour Loco Steam Preservation Group to restore and operate steam locomotive J515.

Locomotive J 515 was transferred from Newport to Seymour in January 1984 in an unserviceable condition. The return of the locomotive to service was achieved in 1988 following thousands of hours of dedicated volunteer work by members.

Since the restoration of J 515, the SRHC had also started restorations of diesel electric locomotives T 320, T 357, B 74, GM 36, S303 and C501 alongside a wide array of carriages to fully restored operation condition.

Today, the SRHC is proud to host many historically significant locomotives and railway assets home in the former beating heart of the Spirit of Progress, Seymour. The SRHC is proud to showcase it’s rollingstock to Victorian public and the interstate market.


Our Aims as a Heritage Rail Group

In broad terms, the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre is dedicated to preserving Victorian Railways rollingstock in operating condition so it can run on the mainline railway network in an heritage environment for the benefit of the people of Victoria.

Our Depot Facilities

Our depot is adjacent to the former Victorian Railways Locomotive Depot at Seymour (“Seymour Loco”), once home to the four streamlined S class Pacific steam locomotives which hauled the famous “Spirit of Progress” express between the two cities, Melbourne and Albury. 

The land upon which the depot is located has been purchased from various owners, as it has become available. Currently the SRHC has about 4 hectares within the boundary fence, not far from the centre of Seymour. 

Large sheds for undercover storage and restoration works have been erected, workshop facilities and about 3 kilometres of sidings built to accommodate an expanding fleet.  

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